Basic Videos

A set of brief Learner Level videos by Sammy Tippitt


Lesson 1. Introduction


Lesson 2. What’s Your Vision?


Lesson 3. Victorious Christian Praying


Lesson 4. Normal Christian Praying


Lesson 5. God’s Strategy


Lesson 6. Prayer Encourages the Heart


Lesson 7. Compassionate Prayer


Lesson 8. What is Prayer?


Lesson 9. Power in Prayer


Lesson 10.  Become a Friend of God


Lesson 11. Prayer – The Priority of the Church


Lesson 12. Be Still and Know that He is God


Lesson 13. Our Position in Prayer


Lesson 14. Personal Prayer


Lesson 15. Death of Jesus


Lesson 16. Growing in the Knowledge of God


Lesson 17. Prayer and Victory


Lesson 18. The Knowledge of God


Lesson 19. Awakenings and the Power of Prayer

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