Christmas 2020 Letter

Merry Christmas celebration!

Having lived through the election of 2020 with Donald Trump receiving about 74 million votes to Joe Biden supposedly receiving 80 million votes, I have come to a few conclusions. One, is that the media is extremely important in swaying people’s minds. Two, it is extremely important who we elect to lead us, even (maybe especially) in every local election. These are the ones who get experience, name recognition, and monies to proceed to higher elections if they so desire. We shall see them again and again in various positions positions of leadership. Three, we are an evil group of people not unlike the city of Nineveh, who God sent the great evangelist Jonah to warn of coming disaster, because of their wickedness. We definitely deserve being destroyed by a holy God. Nineveh repented, from their king King on down, and God relented the judgment on them. We have yet to repent! But by the slate of people we have elected to lead us, I would say, God views us much the same as He described the Ninevites and pitied “persons who can who cannot discern between their right hand and their left.” (Jonah 4:11)

May we as born again believers of Jesus Christ (by the way, Jesus said unless you are born again you will never see the kingdom of God) hold fast to truth for our churches, our land, and our families. Wherever we see wickedness we need to pray first, and then act to root it out. As I view it, this will become increasingly harder to accomplish. Money and power have such a hold on this world being led by Satan. I just thank God that He is in ultimate control. Without God we cannot have any hope for the future. But our God is a consuming fire. He can burn away the dross and refine us in the twinkling of the eye. Keep praying 2 Chronicles 7:14. I still believe God wants to send one more great awakening to the whole world. Sue and I, in 2003, went to every state capital and prayed on the Capitol steps (those that had steps) for the spiritual awakening and revival of America. I know this is the will of God. He is waiting on His people, you and me, to truly repent. What will it take for us to get to that point? Sue and I are praying about going back in 2023-24 to the churches where we spoke to fan the sparks into flames! Pray with us.

In 2021 I believe the DCEA is to reunite some of our old evangelistic prayer teams to go back into the inner cities of our land to prayer walk and evangelize the poor in spirit and the financially poor of America. Pray for our protection from the enemy forces of Satan whether it be physical people, or an unseen enemy such as COVID-19.  We are using Acts 1:8 as our guide in this endeavor starting in our Jerusalem/Gatlinburg, Judea/Sevier County, Samaria/Tennessee, and uttermost parts/USA and the world.

Keep praying and fasting. We are all looking for the coming of the Lord but Acts 1:7 says “it is not for you to know the times or the seasons which the Father has put in His own power.” Unless Jesus comes, let us be faithful in what Jesus told us to do BMW– be My witness! Please pray for Shirley and Sharon, two ladies that I lead to Jesus last week at our annual Christmas store of our church. The fields are white unto harvest; people are ready to receive the Lord. God’s Word says to pray to the Lord of the harvest that He might send forth laborers into the field.

As I go throughout the land I keep my ears and eyes open for young evangelists that God is raising up. Mark Martin and I were most blessed recently to take seven youth along with a youth pastor, Andrew Chambers, and chaperone out into the fields/streets here in Gatlinburg. We had a great time and handed out about 1000 gospel tracks within two hours. I pray that in 2021 many more churches will want to bring their youth up to learn how to sow seed and share the gospel. May we see many come to Christ!

Please change our address in your phone and then your computer or wherever you have us. We are now at P. O. Box 74, Gatlinburg TN 37738-0074. Thank you for all your prayers and for all your support this past year. We have faith in God and live according to Matthew 6:33. Thank you for your obedience by allowing God to use you.

Jesus loves you and so do we,
David and Sue

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