February Update

Valentine’s Day is special to most of us! Maybe I should say our special Valentine is SPECIAL to us. Mine certainly isl Sue and I have been Valentine’s for over 53 years now.
We were in the Daytona area witnessing to the crowds before the Daytona 500 Race on Sunday. Last month a thirty-something year old lady and three young boys gave their hearts to Jesus as I preached during halftime at Upward Basketball. Pray we see many saved hereI TIME IS SHORT!I!

As we pulled into our hotel this week, two ladies came up to read the signs we keep in our van’s side windows. My side reads, ‘The Righteousness God requires is the Righteousness His Righteousness requires Him to require.” May be a little confusing but it generally sparks a conversation. No one can be righteous enough without the Lord Jesus Christ being the (our) Righteousness for us. But the ladies were not reading my sign, they were reading the one on Sue’s side of the van which reads, ”The Answers to all of life’s Questions are in the Bible.”  Stephanie was looking at the sign as Sue got out of the van
and said to Sue, “I have lots of questionsI”

Sue replied, “I will try to answer them. Do you have a Bible?” Stephanie answered that she did not have one. I came back out from checking in and Sue asked me to get her a Bible, which I did. Stephanie’s friend, Ellen, said she was Catholic and that she had one. Stephanie seemed troubled to some extent and kept saying she had many questions, yet when we asked her to give us one, she wouldn’t. Sue and I shared Jesus with Stephanie and Ellen but don’t think we made much headway. God commands that we witness; He will give the increase. Pray for these ladies.

We were booked into a certain hotel, but I was tired from driving and pulled into two wrong hotels. We were at the second wrong hotel when this situation (above) occurred. I believe God wanted these ladies to have a witness and directed me to the wrong hotels (or at least one of them).

Pray that every tract and every witness we give hits the target. Brother George Bellmany and his wife, Gloria, will be working with me again this year at Daytona. We expect to hand out thousands of Gospel tracts and a few Bibles. It has been speculated President Trump will be at the races. Sue wants you to know that we do not go inside to these events where we witness. Our monies are spent on Bibles, tracts and travel. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

We leave Monday and head to New Orleans for the annual Mardi Gras event. We are thankful for our friends Bob and Patty Hayward that give us rest along the way. Dennis Mohr heads up the MG event now and has over 50 men signed up to witness. Pray we see many souls transformed. This will be my thirty-ninth year to participate. Please pray for everyone’s safety as we preach and witness on the streets. Pray we have favor with the people and with the Authorities.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We go as the Lord leads, our Board of Directors confirms, and support comes in. Thank you so very much.
David and Sue Cobb

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