Committed Christian Conference

Dr. Preston Nix

We give thanks for the Committed Christian Conference in Sevierville, TN July 1-3. For those who would like to have attended, but were not able to, we have recorded the teaching sessions on audio. The messages are posted on this page. To request an MP3 audio CD, please contact us.

John Swaim and friends led in music. John’s CD’s are available through his web site:


Diane Nix 1 (Ephesians 1-3)

Diane Nix 2 (Ephesians 4,5)

Diane Nix 3 (Ephesians 6)

George Bellmany (Prayer and Evangelism)

John Woodward 1 (Christ is Lamb and Lord)

John Woodward 2 (Christ is Life)

John Woodward 3 (Christ is Liberator and Leader)

Mark Martin (How I Share the Gospel)

Preston Nix 1 (1 John 1)

Preston Nix 2 (1 John 2)

Preston Nix 3 (1 John 3)


Note: to download a single file with all of these audio messages, right click on this link:

After downloading, “unzip” (decompress the folder) to access the MP3 audio files.

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