Ministry Letter June, 2018


I tell people that writing this letter each month is one of the hardest things I do. I’m not a writer. It Is not my gift. Every spiritual gift test that I’ve ever taken has shown that my gift is prophecy. Now that does not mean that I’m a prophet. I see myself as one that God has called to forth-tell about the coming of the Lord. That means that I am to be a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ and tell people they need to be prepared for the Lord’s second coming. If one is not Born Again of the Spirit of God before they die here on Earth, then they are not prepared for the coming of the Lord, or death, should Jesus tarry. I don’t see anywhere in the Bible about a gift of evangelism. I see where it says that the evangelist is a gift to the church just like the pastor/teacher and prophet or the apostle. Ephesians 4:11,12 The evangelist is to equip the saints for ministry. In other words, I am to encourage the body of Christ, the church, in the way of evangelism. I try to do this by teaching, preaching, and on-the-job training and by my prayers.



This leads me to invite you as a member of the church, the body of Christ, to our annual Committed Christian Conference (CCC) held in the Gatlinburg area. This year’s event starts on Sunday evening July 1, and will be held at the Holiday Inn Express at Governor’s Crossing in Sevierville, Tennessee. The conference will continue Monday, July 2 and Tuesday, July 3 starting each morning at 8:45 am.  Our SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKERS are Dr. Preston Nix, Diane Nix, and Dr. John Woodward. Our praise times will be led by singer-songwriter John Swaim from Nashville, Tennessee.   Dr. Nix is the head of the evangelism department of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. His wife, Diane, is a sought-after speaker on the LifeWay circuit. Dr. Woodward heads up Grace Fellowship International which is the world’s foremost counseling and teaching ministry concerning the Cross of Christ. All our speakers are authors and each person attending will receive one of their books free (not 3, but 1 from one author) (You may buy more, and music, too).

[See schedule below.]

Why have I waited so late to post this notice? It was sent out as the DCEA Schedule of Events last December and is on our website. The reason that I have not promoted it too much until now is because it costs a lot of money. However, just this week some folks have stepped forward and said they will fund about one third of the cost of this event which totals about $7,000.00. This encourages me to go forward as I am trusting the Lord and his people to bring forth the other two thirds.  Everyone that has attended this conference in the last three years has had great things to say about it! Come and be blessed!

Did you know only about 39% of Christians believe that we need to tell people about Jesus? And that there are only about three or 4% that actually tell people about Jesus! To me this is mind-boggling. It tells me that Christians are comfortable living in sin, the sin of silence. We have this conference (CCC) each year to bring encouragement to the body of Christ to become more evangelistic. Evangelism is fun! Do you like to meet people? Do you like to greet people? Do you care about people? I believe you do. This conference is for you!

Sevier County where I live is extremely destitute of witnessing and soul winning.  We will come under extreme judgment of the Lord Jesus one day as over thirteen million people come here each year and we only witness to about half a million of them, on a good year!  Come to our conference and help and encourage us!

Space is limited so I would encourage you to either call me in advance at or arrive at the conference early for a seat. I know this is the high season for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park but it is a good time as people take vacations in the Smokies around the 4th of July.  The crowds will be here and when the Gatlinburg 4th of July Parade happens Tuesday at midnight, we want to be there a few hours early and present Jesus by handing out Gospel tracts.  For those who know,we will meet at the Holiday Inn Express in Sevierville and ride to the Gatlinburg Inn in Gatlinburg about 7:30 pm Tuesday.The Gatlinburg Inn Conference Room will be our staging area as we go out on the streets.

Thank you for your prayers as Sue and I have traveled this past month.  We had a delightful time with our grandchildren in Houston.  Then we came to the Memphis in May Rock Music Concerts along the Mississippi River and witnessed on Beale Street.  It was great to team up with Evangelist Dennis Mohr, Dr. Jason Bond, Don Cherry, and Jason’s friend, Dean Serletic.  We handed out over six thousand Gospel tracts and know of at least two people that were saved. Pray all the witnessing takes root and grows.

While we were in Houston, Brother Cedric Smith had more than ten people with him on the streets of George Town, Exuma, Bahamas handing out our Gospel tracts and Jesus stickers to the crowds at the annual National Family Regatta.  Thank God for faithful witnesses.  God’s Word never returns void.  It will accomplish what He desires it to accomplish.  Isaiah 55:11

I was sitting on a low wall resting Friday night.  A man came over and sat next to me and asked me for some money to get a room in the local mission.  I told him we did not give money out on the streets. Then he said he hadn’t had anything to eat all day.  Well!!!—The boldness of the Lord came on me and I told him he was not one of God’s children!  He told me he had been saved and baptized (almost all tell me this at first).  I said that God’s children never had to beg for bread (food).  Psalm 37:25  I told him that he had never repented of his sin.  I told him I could smell it on his breath (he wreaked of alcohol). I repeated, “You have never repented before the Lord!”  Mark broke right there!  “And furthermore, you have demons.  Don’t you?”  Mark said, “Yes.”  I asked him if he wanted to be free.  Mark answered that he did.  I then told him if he so much as drank one drink of alcohol, demons would come back in him seven times stronger and trouble him. Luke 11:24-26 “Do you want that? I asked.  No was his answer.  I then asked him again if he wanted to be free, to be out of the bondage of the devil.  He nodded.  So right there in the middle of Beale Street between Main and Second, Mark asked Jesus to come into his heart and to be his Lord and Master for all time.  I asked where Jesus was and he said He was in his heart.  Again I told him if he was going to drink alcohol again the demons would be all over him.  Then I had him look intently into my eyes.  Then I commanded in Jesus’Name the demons of alcohol, lying, and sexual perversion to come out of Mark.  He was coughing and crying and got free, I believe.  I talked and prayed with Mark some more and bought him a half rack of BBQ ribs from a local Food Truck vendor.  He said he had a Bible.  But Mark told me he had only been in church a couple of times in his life.  Mark was probably thirty-five or forty years old.  It is hard to imagine anyone in America that hasn’t been to church more than a couple of times, but that is the world we live in.  I don’t invite enough Mark’s to church.  How about you?  Please pray for Mark W.

The DCEA schedule for the rest of our year has changed. I will not go to the Indy 500 event this year as finances are tight this month.  But I plan to work Crossover Dallas during the Southern Baptist Convention. Then our CCC is July 1 – 3.  Our church has an evangelistic team going to Santa Cruz, Brazil. J I am part of the team (my cost is about $1,300.00) and will be preaching some of the meetings there.  We plan to work the John 3:16 Horseshoe Event in Kansas.  Then Sue and I travel to Stuttgart, Arkansas for my fifty-fifth high school class reunion.  Immediately after this we are going to meet a group of fourteen people from FBC West Monroe, Louisiana in Boston, Massachusetts.  My good friend Dr. Woods Watson has asked us to meet his senior adult group and lead our Glory Stones Tour in the New England area.  Pray we see some people saved as we travel up north.  Please be much in prayer for each of these events and our continued witnessing on the streets in Gatlinburg this Summer and Fall.  Pray all our expenses to be met.  Continue to pray for the people who are still in the midst of rebuilding their homes from the drastic fires that came our way in 2016.

Thank you for all the prayers lifted up on our behalf.  You are our lifeline.  Also thank you for the continued support.  Again you are our lifeline!

Blessings in Jesus Name,

David and Sue Cobb

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