December, 2017 Letter

Jesus spoke these words in the great sermon on the mount. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33 KJV).

That verse, along with my life verse of Acts 20:24 KJV, have sustained my ministry throughout the years. Many a day they have gotten me through. Momma told me a few years before she went to Glory that if I ever saw a lady waiting on tables over the age of sixty it was because she needed to, not because she wanted to. Then she added, “Always tip  them well.” I have made it a habit of always giving extra to an older lady waiting on me to honor my Mother. last year during the fires here, I gave out extra money when served by someone who had lost everything. Many did not nave any insurance. Had it not been for area churches and Dolly Parton’s gifts they would not have survived. Some of you gave for the needs of this county also! I Thank you so very much.

Jesus came anti gave His life and taught us to give. I have made it a habit under God’ s leadership to give the largest bill in my wallet when I visit a church where I am not a member.  (I believe in tithing to my own church plus offerings). Frequently when traveling I carry a twenty, fifty, or even a hundred-dollar bill with me for unexpected occasions. Many has been the time I have reached in and pulled out a hundred and placed it in the offering basket. I admit sometimes I have done it more cheerfully than other times. God wants me to be a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7).

Back when Sue and I went to all fifty state capitals and prayed fur the Revival of this Nation, we drove our motorhome up to a church one day.  We were running on fumes, barely having any gasoline. They had agreed to allow us to park there for a week of ministry before we headed to our next state. I had saved back a hundred-dollar bill for gasoline to get us out of town and to our next capital city. Sunday as the collection plate passed I realized the hundred was in my wallet! I placed it  in the plate with a prayer. I had no idea what God had planned. But I did know we were out of money to get out of town
the next morning. As I was leaving the church after the evening service a Deacon called out to me. He hand ed me an envelope. When I opened it in the motorhome, there was another hundred-dollar bill! It was like God was saying, “If I can get it through you, I can get it to you!”

I have said all this to say that I am honoring the memory my Mother this Christmas by giving a hundred-dollar bill (provided I have one) to unsuspecting older ladies that serve me (actually gave one yesterday)! l believe God wants me to still honor my Mother and to be a cheerful giver (Exodus 20:12).

I want to especially thank all that have prayed for Sue and me this past month. For the most part we have been away for me to write some on a book I am attempting. Keep praying, please! We are not there yet.

As this year comes to an end it is always good to take account of where we are. Just this month It seems that the American Embassy has been moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This has made most Jews and many Christians happy. However, it is upsetting the Arab world. And then we can look at  North Korea and understand that we could be on the brink of World War III there also. Last week one of our senators encouraged all our US citizens to move out of South Korea. Some of our leaders may know what’s happening, but most of us go from day-to-day praying and  hoping for peace.  We pray for peace on earth and goodwill  toward men. But we also know that the only real peace comes whenever Jesus Christ comes into one’s heart and someone is born again. Until the whole world is saved there will not be total peace (not teaching universal salvation here); it seems there is always an evil, greedy man in charge of some domain.

Adrian Rogers, a number of years ago, said that he believed, “As the West goes, so goes the world. And as America goes, so goes the West. And as the church goes, so goes America. And as believers fast and pray, so goes the church.”  I believe that what Dr. Rogers spoke then still holds true today. America is in the driver seat as to what happens in the world. The church, even after all the world’s ridicule, is still to a large extent directly responsible for what happens on the world stage. I believe that this is the most exciting time to ever have been alive! And I believe it is the most exciting time for the church also.

I believe it is the time for the church to unite in prayer for our nation and for the world. For me there are far too many people that are still lost and headed toward Hell. God responds to the prayers of His people, especially the extraordinary prayers of His people! I am going to be calling for churches to unite in half-night and all-night prayer meetings for our nation and for our world. And the church has to cleanse itself from sin. God’s Word says to humble our selves and pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways. Then He will hear from Heaven, forgive our sin, and heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Pray for us as we go to the world in 2018 making disciples of all peoples of all nations. I do not have my overseas schedule completed yet, but a hundred or more nations come to our fair city during the year. Pray we can reach them  with the printed Word or the preached Word. God is still calling me to the world’s crowds to reach the lost. Time is so short!  Pray for listening ears and  receptive hearts. Beside our regular living and traveling expenses, I will be spending several thousand dollars on our vans to get them ready for travel. If you feel led to give, please do. My tract need was met! Thank you so very much.

God has truly blessed Sue and me with your prayers and your love. I pray we will be a blessing to you also. Every day we pray we will be found faithful. We know our God is able and believe that He which has begun a good work in us will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ (Philippians 1:6). Please pray for our Board of Directors to hear from the Lord to help direct our organization. Thank you for holding us up before the Lord. You are the Best!

Bless you in Jesus’ Name,
David and Sue Cobb

P. S. Billy Graham says, “Technology will never replace the most effective witness of all; one person telling another what Christ has done for him…”

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